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Affidavits can and are used for multiple reasons. They are used to declare an oath but whomever is signing it. 


This document is presented in court and to whomever/wherver sed document is needed for verification. However, affidavits neet to be notarized by a notary publics.


The best thing about our documents is that the notary fee is built in! You can handle all of your affidaivts and notray needs in one place. 


Product will be made as a PDF, downloadable to client once the finish product has been completed.

  • Affidavit Description

    Affidavit of Birth. These affidavits are valuable when you have issues locating or gainig access to your birth certificate. This affidavit will be completed by a blood relative or physician, who will state their relationship to you, their knowledge of your birth circumstances, and certify the relevant information (county, city, state of birth).

    Affidavit of Name Change. These are valuable for someone who goes by a different name than what is on their birth certificate. Even if you haven't legally changed your name, this affidavit allows you that right. It is typically signed and swered in by another person like a apouse, or blood relative. 

    Affidavit of Support. This style of affidavit is just what it says, paperwork saying that you will financially support/take on the responsibility of another being. These are most famously used in cases of immigrants, certifiying that whomever signs will be finacially/legally responsible for sed individual. 

    Affidavit of Heirship. Not everyone has a will and testament and this is where this affidavit plays a role. In the event that someone dies or is incapaciated, this affidavit helps to ensure that the deceased's heirs can gain control over their belongings. A witness of non-relation or whom does not benefit from the deceased's estate must be avaiable. 

    Affidavit of Death. This affidavit is just to notify creditors, courts and businesses of the death of someone. This also gives control to the executor to handle further business. 

    Affidavit of Domicile. These affidavits are mostly used by estate administrators for transferring stocks, investments, and/or cash od deceased. Banks need proof of deceased's residence to release such property. 

    Affidavits of Residence. This affidavit is beneficial when there is a gray area between moving and filing proper documentation with the DMV or government agency. These are helpful for child enrollment into programs/schools, or to show proof of residence. 

    Affidavits of Small Estate. This is just an informant to the court or legal entity that the estate in question, qualifies as a "small estate." Small estates fall under and cap out at $150,000. 

    ID Theft Affidavit. These forms of affidavits are prefered in the invent that your identy is stolen. These are used to inform creditors, banks, etc. of such events. This document will note the date that you became aware of the identity theft and ensure what purchases/thefts were made by the theif, and not yourself. 


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