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PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

Not everyone is great with putting together a presentation and that is okay.


We are here to solve that problem for you. Presentations can be difficult and time consuming. The worst part it, knowing exactly what needs to be on the slide, and what doesn't.


We rid you of that stress by design your slides for you. Rather you have the information for the slides or not, we are here to help. 


Our slideshows serve all levels of presentatoins, rather it be collegiate or corprate. All you have to do is provide us with the topic, idea of the style of design, and the infromtion(if you have it).


Presentations are available in sizes: 

  • small (5 to 15 slides)
  • medium (15 to 30 slides)
  • large (31 plus slides)


All slideshows will be available as a PDF download, once final product is complete. 

  • Research

    If you don't provide your own information, and research must be done for you, prices will increase. 

  • Timeline

    All presentations are required to be requested 2 to 3 weeks before a presentation is needed. In order to be sure that the presentation is completed within the client's due date and that the client has ample time for review, orders must be placed in a time frame that allows for construction.

    If all information is provided for the slideshow at purchase, orders must be placed 2 weeks in advance.

    If the client does not provide information and research has to be completed, a slideshow presentation must be purchased 3 to 4 weeks, prior to presentation deadline. 

PriceFrom $35.00
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